Bridges Centre Community Connections Team

The team at Corona Dental are always keen to support projects and schemes in our local area. The Wye Valley and Welsh Borders is such a lovely part of the world in which to live and work but we would all do well to take a minute every now and again to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. We feel that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is important for all businesses in the 21st century – whatever their size and whatever they do. We want our impact on society to be a good one! We want to be a good ‘corporate citizen’ and support and make a contribution to our community and good causes.

The Bridges Centre is an independent Monmouth-based charity, established in 1984, whose aim has always been to enhance the wellbeing of the local community. The base for its work since 2003 has been Drybridge House, an important part of Monmouth’s heritage. ( )

When we were approached by the Community Connections and Befriending team ( )to see if we could help out in a small way, we were delighted to! It’s only a few sets of business cards but it means that the team can do their jobs more effectively and build relationships with both volunteers and beneficiaries.

See how delighted some of the team are!

Corona Dental donated business cards to the Community Connections team, Bridges Centre, Monmouth