Corona Dental client Bishopsgate Dental Care team at the Private Dentistry Awards 2018

The Bishopsgate Dental Care team at the Private Dentistry Awards 2018

Last Friday at the Private Dentistry Awards 2018, Corona Dental client, Bishopsgate Dental Care had another tremendously successful night. The team led by Principal Dr Gina Vega won Best Patient Care – London and were Highly Commended in both the Best Team and Best Practice categories. This followed on from their recent success at the Dentistry Awards where they scooped the Best Practice – London prize and Highly Commended for Best Patient Care.

Awards are a fantastic marketing tool and let patients know that you strive for excellence in all that you do. If you are an award winning practice, not only are you saying how great that you are, but an independent third party has seen the value in what your provide too. New patients will love to attend an award winning practice. Carrying an award winning logo on your dental website and all around your social media will see a significant increase in conversions and contacts. Existing patients will love that their choice of dentist has been validated by a third party and are very likely to share this information with all of their family and friends – it makes their choice discerning.

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A big well done to Gina Vega and the Bishopsgate Dental Care team once again!