This may seem an odd post but recently I have become aware of a groundswell of huge positivity. That’s a good thing you may say. And in some ways it is. But! Not when it becomes a way of viewing the world that completely ignores the facts.

Already I sound like a miserable sod. And maybe I am. I work in marketing and PR so believe me I understand the value of a positive outlook and not letting obstacles drive you off course. However, there now seems to be a feeling that everything we do must be positive and anything that gets in the way of that must be avoided at all costs. I have seen people boast on Twitter and Facebook about the fact that they don’t watch the news as it is full of negativity. It’s the news, of course it is! Not watching it because of this isn’t a positive life decision. It is condemning the country to ill informed idiots.

Just once it would be nice to see people on Twitter and Facebook talk about reality and perhaps, God forbid, an example of where it hasn’t all gone to plan.

Anyway, rant over.