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Social Media

CALL 0845 370 2211

Social Media Management

It’s everywhere.
And everyone is doing it.
But not everyone is doing it well.

What is the aim of your social media? What do you want it do? These and other questions should be asked and answered before you dive headlong in to social media.

Have you thought about what you will actually say and in what tone of voice? Who looks after it? What do you do if people post untrue things or have a grievance?

Although Corona Dental can’t do all the elements of your social media for you – social media is a reflection of your own values and brand, and to be truly authentic it MUST feature a voice that represents your business – but we can guide and mentor your nominated team member. Our job is to work with you, not just do it for you, so that the tone of voice is that of the business and your values shine through.

Social strategy

We can help you to use social media networks to let the outside world know what is happening within your business.

We help practices to use external networks to communicate effectively internally, so that the best news makes its way to the top and can then be communicated to their target market(s) externally. This enables the organisation to transmit the messages it wants the outside world to hear, rather than just be at the mercy of what is reported about it by third parties.

We work with you to develop a social vision and help you uncover what may be the barriers to its successful implementation. This needs to be an organisation-wide transformation and we work with your key people to ensure that we achieve a top-down buy-in.

A social media strategy is crucial to every organisation now. The importance of social media as a primary channel for communication is more important with each passing year. 2017 saw the number of active social media users pass 2.75 billion – a 21% increase in the last 12 months alone.

We work with you to come up with a direction and a vision for your organisation’s specific social journey. The output forms the basis for your social media strategy.

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