Dental Practice PR Company

PR is a wonderful and under utilised way for a dental practice to get its message across to the local community.

What is Dental Practice PR?

PR or public relations in this instance means using the various media on offer in an editorial capacity to feature news, stories etc. about the practice. It is often under used because people don’t have an understanding of how to approach journalists, what they want and what you can expect in return.

If you are expecting the local paper to run a “Dental practice invests in new laser” story, don’t waste your or their time! (No-one would read the story even if someone did run it!) You need to put yourself in the editor and reader’s shoes and start thinking about what they would want to read. How can you get across a great brand whilst still providing editorial copy of value? 

That is where Corona Dental come in. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with the media and can create and place the compelling copy that your practice requires. 

How can Dental Practice PR help your brand?

If you would like to work with an agency that can get you the PR coverage that you need, then you must speak to Corona Dental Marketing – get in touch on 0845 370 2211, email us here, or speak to us on the various social media.



Corona Dental deliver effective PR for dental practices