Dental Marketing Marvin

Corona¬†Dental are like a dental marketing Marvin –
brains the size of a planet!

Here we are, brain the size of a planet and we are spending our time on dental marketing! Well, although we do think that our team are pretty bright, we don’t claim to have brains the size of a planet! (we are also not paranoid!) However, we do specialise in dental practice marketing so we believe that if we don’t know about it, it probably isn’t worth knowing.

You may think that there isn’t a great deal to know about marketing a dental practice but you couldn’t be more wrong. Who is your ideal patient? Which demographic would you like to target? Which media do they respond to best? How are you communicating with your current patients? What brand message are you conveying? Is your online presence effective? And many, many more!

There are also a number of crossover and complementary areas to dental marketing. Team training. Business management and coaching. Treatment Co-ordinator training. We will prepare a marketing plan for all of our clients and if it becomes apparent that the practice needs assistance in other areas, we are happy to recommend and suggest those experienced providers who can help.

If you need marketing brains approaching the size of a planet, then speak to us – call us on 0845 370 2211 or email us here

dental marketing Marvin