Email Marketing for Dentists

Dental email marketing will make a HUGE difference to the success of your practice. And we mean HUGE.

Attracting new patients through online campaigns is vital for any dental practice.

How can dental email marketing services help you?

Email marketing lets you target patients with specific information related to their dentistry interests and requests. Pushing out regular emails to their inbox will remind them that it’s time to schedule their next cleaning.

Why do I need an Email Campaign?

A well planned email campaign will deliver:

  • A massive uptake in recall rate
  • Measurable responses in regard to new treatments
  • The ability to promote offers and discounts at short notice
  • More loyal and aware patients

Best Practices For Your Online Dental Marketing Emails

  • Brand your email well.
  • Sending out regular email reminders.
  • Think about how it will look on mobile devices.
  • Add share buttons on the email campaigns
  • Don’t spam the user. Understand the guidelines!
  • Make it educational for patients
  • All campaigns should be visual
  • Focus on the main purpose of the campaign
  • Make sure its suitable for all email inboxes
  • The subject line must be appealing

And, the beauty of dental email marketing is that it is so cost effective. No postage costs. No printing costs. No expensive ad costs.

View our examples of the type of campaigns we have designed and planned for other dental practices, please click here.

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Email marketing for dental practices delivers results