Dental Babel Fish

Marketing speak translation:

We all have a tendency to do it. We like to use industry or profession specific buzzwords or jargon. Does it make us feel important? Do we do it without thinking as we become immersed in our own particular field? Whatever the reason, it can shut people out and prevent them asking pertinent questions.

At Corona Dental we understand ‘marketing speak’ but we don’t use it with our clients. We know that for many dentists, marketing is a case of have-to-do rather than want-to-do. It is often (although not always) something that doesn’t come naturally to the scientific mind of a dentist.

We can guide you through all the different facets of dental marketing whether it be an email campaign, improved online presence or PR and advertising – we will tell you what you can expect and advise on the best course for your practice. All of our advice is bespoke – what might be right for you may not be right for another practice. As a full service PR and marketing agency we can advise across the whole marketing spectrum and not just try and steer you towards one element.

Jargon cuts both ways and we know that many dentists can have a tendency to use it on their website or other patient communications. We will help you avoid it! (We won’t let you use the word ‘osseointegration’ on your website either!)

If you would like to work with a dental marketing agency that speaks English rather than marketing jargon then you must speak to Corona Dental Marketing – get in touch on 0845 370 2211, email us here, or speak to us on the various social media below. 

corona dental speak English not marketing jargon