Case Study

Moti Smile Design Centre

Our Relationship

Dr Hanif Moti has been working with Corona Dental since meeting us at the BACD 2009 in Edinburgh.

Moti Smile Design Centre is a mixed practice in Aylestone Road, Leicester and Dr Moti would like to carry out more private work of various types.

As the campaign has been running for nearly 9 years, there have been some changes along the way!


Moti Smile Design Centre
286 Aylestone Road,

Campaign Aims

  • To design a website that would be more appealing to visitors and convert them into paying patients.
  • To ensure that the website is easy to find.
  • To use social media to reach out to new patients.
  • To offer promotions on certain treatments to make more people aware that high-quality private dentistry is on offer in Leicester at Moti Smile Design Centre.

We liaise with Hanif on a regular basis and keep him updated with what we are doing. It is not just a one way street – often the practices have useful information that they can pass on to us, and we can use that across the campaign.

We produce comprehensive monthly reports and meet in person at least twice a year. We find that face-to-face meetings are still the best way of brainstorming and delivering the best campaign outcomes.

website design, build and writing

One of the key things that appealed to Hanif was the fact that not only could Corona Dental design and build a brilliant website, but that we could write the content too (as we can with all our website projects).

We agreed on a visual and whilst the team were building the site, Chris got on with writing the copy and liaising with Hanif. The project was completed quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

google adwords/pay-per-click

We have used this a couple of times in our work with Moti Smile Design Centre on specific campaigns – most notably for our Invisalign ‘Win a Straighter Smile’ campaign. For this we:

  • Research the most relevant and economical keywords
  • Research which geographical areas deliver the best conversions
  • Write compelling advertisements to encourage visitors to click
  • Write and design landing pages that encourage those that click to convert
  • Keep tweaking and improving the campaigns to deliver still better return on investment

search engine optimisation

Very much the yang to the yin of AdWords! This is vital in the longer term as we need those who search for relevant dental terms to find us at the top of the ‘organic’ listings.

This is ongoing work that involves various tactics including links, regular addition of blogs, reaching out to trusted bloggers, constant improvement of on page content and much more.

internal marketing management

We are great believers that as well as searching for brand new business, a practice should be communicating effectively with its

existing base to encourage a relationship of trust which will lead to:

  • Existing patients attending regularly
  • Existing patients requesting further and higher value treatments
  • Existing patients referring their friends and family

We have designed a comprehensive internal marketing campaign that keeps in regular contact with existing patients. This includes:

  • Email marketing is a tremendous way to inform existing patients of news, treatments and offers.
  • Email marketing is a tremendous way to inform existing patients of news, treatments and offers. We have also used this vital resource in some of the competitions that we have run
  • In terms of social media, we manage the practice’s various social media accounts and ensure that interesting and engaging content is always on offer

media design

We have designed and written all relevant supporting material/artwork for the PR and marketing campaigns including:

  • Webpages/Landing Pages
  • Design and writing of banners for events
  • Design and writing of fliers for events
  • Design and writing of poster for events/promotions

client’s words

“I’d be the first to admit that dental practice marketing is not my natural domain – I’m very much a clinician. However, Chris has always taken the time to explain what he feels will be the best solution for the objectives of the practice and been on hand throughout the whole campaign.I can recommend him.”

Dr Hanif Moti

Corona Design & Communication
Singleton Court Business Park
Wonastow Road Industrial Estate West
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