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Cherry Trees Dental Practice

Our Relationship

Cherry Trees Dental Practice is a long established practice in Linslade, Leighton Buzzard. Dr Debbie Ganguli began working with us after she had returned to work following maternity leave.

As can often be the case after a principal takes maternity leave, there was a lot to do at the practice on the marketing side! And, as Debbie was returning from maternity leave, there was a finite budget to achieve the aims!


Cherry Trees Dental
Leighton Buzzard

Campaign Aims

  • To transfer members of existing dental plan to new plan
  • To encourage more existing patients to join the plan
  • To gain new patients
  • To become an award-winning practice


We wrote, design and printed an A4 4 page newsletter for Cherry Trees that was sent out to all existing patients and written with the idea of them joining or switching a plan. It also provided more information on the cosmetic treatments at the practice.


Cherry Trees Dental is well situated on the way to the local railway station so has a tremendous amount of footfall both morning and evening.

With this in mind, A Boards were used with branded posters promoting a wide range of treatments that could be changed on a daily basis. These were then backed up with posters when patients presented in the surgery.


We have helped Debbie update and add to her website to ensure that it stays fresh and that there is new content for existing visitors to return to.

We have added picture and video content to make the site more engaging.


Debbie has been passionate about children’s dentistry ever since she worked in the Community Dental Services in paediatric and special needs care and saw some of the heartbreaking sights and treating so many young children for dental caries, often through the removal of teeth.

This experience had galvanised Debbie to do something to help improve children’s dentistry and led to her programme for working in partnership with local schools and community groups. We felt that the scheme deserved national recognition and persuaded Debbie that she should enter the Private Dentistry Awards which she duly did.

We worked with her on the Award entries and were delighted that the scheme won Best Community Project in 2013 and Best Children’s Dental Health Initiative in 2014.

client’s words

“I love working with Chris and the team at Corona Dental. They regularly provide advice above and beyond the call of duty and are around to speak to at a time that suits me. I like knowing that the marketing and PR is taken care of.”

Dr Debbie Ganguli
Cherry Trees Dental

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