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A distinctive, appropriate logo is a good thing, but it’s not your brand image. Your brand image is made up of every type of communication you have with the outside world – from the way your phones are answered to the signature on your e-mails, your signage to your stationery, your brochures to your website, to the way you look and speak.

Everything you do says something about you – good or bad – and affects people’s perception of you. If the majority of people like what they experience, you have a strong brand image.

You don’t own your brand – your patients and potential patients do! And if you convey consistent messages, in a uniform way, across all communication, your audience is more likely to make positive associations more quickly.

If you use different colours, fonts, styles etc, the audiences will become confused. The foundation of every great brand is its consistency of use. Next time that you do anything, stop and think: “How will this reflect the brand of my practice?” Make sure that it will have a positive effect!