The extra mile. The little touches. The items that patients will mention to friends and family – because it sure as hell won’t be the dentistry! What do you do at your practice that is over and above in terms of patient experience and memorable?

Very rarely will patients (or consumers) remember the ‘meat and drink’ of a service (unless severe pain or discomfort is caused!). They can’t recall the full oral tissue check that you carried out, or the advice on their gum health for that matter.

However! They will remember were they were greeted well by the team or whether they were offered a coffee or not. 

Consider the two pictures below. Ask yourselves some questions.




Does the foil on the can serve a useful purpose?

Does it affect the taste of the drink?

Do the collar stiffeners serve a useful purpose?

Is it a purpose that could have been more easily servers by sewn in stiffeners of a cheaper material?


As you can see the 2 products are slightly different. One does serve a useful purpose but one that could have been done more easily by an alternative. The consumer does feel that they are paying for quality by having these metallic stiffeners.

The other – the foil – serves no real purpose other than branding, suggesting quality and making the customer feel warm and fluffy. And yet, it is likely to make a good number buy again.

So what ‘foil items’ can you offer your patients to make them feel warm and fluffy and more likely to return regularly, request higher value treatments and refer friends and family.