At Corona Design & Communication we can spend a lot of time discussing with clients the way in which we get their marketing message across. In fact, in one way or another, the most common questions that dental clients and dentists ask us are along these lines:

“Should we be using social media?”

“Does advertising in the local media still work?”

“How do we use email for marketing?” and so on.


These questions all do need answering but they are not the first to consider. That is:

“What is your message/unique proposition?”


Many people can get so bogged down in the means and ways of getting a message across that they almost forget the message itself. Perhaps it is the fact that they want to appear busy and not want to consider their business in depth. So many people feel that they ‘must be doing something’ rather than taking time to reflect (see previous blog here)

Marketing is simple – not easy, but simple. There are just three questions that you need to ask yourself:

“Who is my perfect customer?”

“What do I wish to say to them?”

“Where do I find them/do they spend time?”


Spend as much time as possible on the first question to really drill down what you want – be as specific as you possibly can. Then, the second question will lead you to consider the means of reaching them.