It can be difficult these days to ensure that your existing patients stay loyal. Perhaps you already have a few too many gaps in the appointment book?

One great way to build loyalty is a patient newsletter. A personalised patient newsletter will:

  • Inform patients of new services and services they may not have been aware of
  • Educate patients about the benefits of treatments
  • Generate real enquiries – a call to action is always included
  • Encourage irregular attendees to return

Isn’t a newsletter a bit old hat?

Not at all – whilst the idea is not new, they really do work. Social media and email can achieve many things but nothing beats a patient receiving a communication from you, at home, on high quality paper with high design values. There is still a psychological need for us to feel something real and tactile – hard copy newsletters generate a significantly higher response than soft copy.

 But I don’t have time to do a regular newsletter I hear you cry?!

Don’t worry – Corona Dental can take care of the entire process. Our experienced team can meet with you and find out what you aims and objectives are, the services that you wish to promote and the message you need to get across. We can then manage the design, write the articles, print and even mail on your behalf. You just have to deal with the increased enquiries!