Dental practice marketing advice

Marketing and Business Plan?

And I don’t mean in a positive sense! When someone asks you about your dental practice marketing do you direct them towards a marketing plan? That is a good first step but not where it ends. Is your marketing plan in the same place as your overall business plan?! Does it bear ANY resemblance to the business plan?

It is a common misconception that a marketing plan is somehow separate from your business plan – as if your marketing doesn’t  have anything to do with the rest of your practice, people or your pricing?! Of course, this isn’t true. As a  business owner, you need to link the elements of marketing into your wider business strategy and plan.

Everything you do with marketing has to ‘fit’ with, and be relevant to, the other areas of the business. If you take a step back, of course this makes sense – do you look to spend 60% of your marketing budget in August ? Unlikely, and this illustrates that the better the plans ‘mesh’ together, the more likely that both are to be effective.

If you need support on your marketing and making it fit, why not give us a call? As a full service dental marketing agency, we can take it off your hands and manage on a daily basis.