About Corona Dental Marketing

Do you sometimes feel a bit like Arthur Dent? That the world seems to be permanently Thursday and you never could get the hang of Thursdays. Then don’t panic – Experienced Marketing companies specialising in the dental industry are few and far between. Let us be your guide through the galaxy – and universe – of dental practice marketing.

Life, The Universe and Everything

There’s a little bit more about what we do than 6 x 9 (yes we know that doesn’t equal 42 – read the book!).  But, from a dental practice marketing point of view, we can deliver life, the universe and everything!

If you would like to work with a dental marketing agency that can do ALL of this, then you must speak to Corona Dental Marketing – get in touch on 0845 370 2211, email us here, or speak to us on the various social media below. 

  • More new patients
  • More from existing patients
  • The expertise to deliver effective marketing campaigns
  • The ability to take away the marketing ‘headache’
  • PR advice and placement
  • Email marketing
  • Measurable results
The dental practice marketing answer!