The Dentistry Show Day 1

So no whitening fisticuffs.(Megawhite didn’t attend in what was probably a wise decision).Oh well, can’t have everything – where would you put it?! And a massive improvement for me on 2012 when I had horrific toothache which ended in a root canal. 

An interesting show though. I do feel however, that there is an element of quantity over quality. They really do pack the exhibitors in and good luck to them – it is their business model. Dentists attend free – and that is partly where the model can fall down in my eyes.

A lot of dentists attend for the excellent education on offer, but they aren’t really here with their ‘purchasing’ hats on and therefore they can be thin on the ground away from the lecture theatres. Some of the aisles have the whiff of tumbleweed about them! From an exhibitors point of view (I am not one by the way, this is just what I hear), more effort needs to be made to get attendees to engage with the exhibition. If they don’t, in the long term it will impact negatively on the show.

So, a good turnout but more needs to be done to perfect. Anyway, I did get this rather excellent badge…