Dental Practice Branding

What is dental practice branding? It is much more than simply your logo. Your brand is how everyone else perceives you and the service that you offer. In effect, you don’t ‘own’ your brand – others do. 

When I say Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola or Google, you will have an image or opinion form in your head (good or bad) – that is your ownership of their brand. Your dental practice is no different. When considering your brand and targeting potential consumers, a great place to start is with your existing patients. How do they perceive you? What do they think of the service on offer? Do they think they are the ‘target audience’? 

Corona Dental can work with you on your branding – deciding where you are, where you want to be and how branding and marketing can help you get there. 

To find out more, speak to Corona Dental Marketing – get in touch on 0845 370 2211, email us here.


Logo Design

We can design a visually stunning logo and supporting materials that will appeal to your target demographic. Prices for logo design and stationery start at £1795 + VAT.