Dental Marketing - a Joined-up approach


As you can imagine, we speak to a huge amount of dental practices about specific projects and marketing in general. Something that does concern me is that many dentists and practices see specific projects as an end in themselves.

For instance, if we complete a website, some practices will see that as their marketing completed for another few months and give no thought to how they can make the website work more effectively.

It needs to be remembered that any marketing activity should be carried out with a plan in mind and also how it will interact with everything else that you do. If you have a new website how will you let people know? Have you considered PR, featuring it in your newsletter, perhaps telling them via your Facebook page and so on.

Any element of your marketing campaign whether it be web, social media, newsletters, advertising, PR and so on, needs each element to feed into and reinforce the other elements of the whole campaign.

If you would like to talk to us about a joined-up approach do get in touch or you can come and see us at Stand M47 at the World Aesthetic Congress June 11-12 in London.