Corona Dental working with Laura Horton Consulting

At Corona Dental we have always known that for any marketing to be successful it is vital that your team are enthusiastic (see our last post here) and well trained. We want to ensure that our marketing campaigns work – that is why we recommend Laura Horton.

Ask Yourself:

• Do you rate the service your patient receives in your practice as OUTSTANDING?

• Would you like to be PROUD of the service you offer?

• Would you like to increase your conversion rates?

• Would you like the tools and systems to deliver consistently to your patients?

• Would you like to work in a successful practice that has patients’ recommending their friends and family to you?

• Would you like to be mentored and coached through the processes after the training session has been completed?

If your answers are yes, then you need a properly trained and enthused team in your practice today, and Laura Horton Consulting can give you all the solutions you need.

AND! If you are already a Corona Dental client, you will qualify for an automatic £200 off an in practice training day with Laura Horton*

Contact Laura on: 07912 360779, Facebook – ‘Laura Horton Consulting‘, or Twitter- @LauraHorton1


*Ts & Cs do apply