Frankly I get fed up with the amount of people who tell me that advertising doesn’t work. It can and does – it just means they get something wrong when they did it. However, it isn’t necessarily that easy so I understand the problems. What does your practice need to bear in mind if it is going to advertise on any medium?

  1. If you were going to place 1 or 2 – forget it! Advertising is a medium to long-term proposition and if you can’t commit to that then spend the money on something else.
  2. Who are your audience? If you want to appeal to 45-60’s, don’t advertise on the local ‘young’ radio network however big their catchment area is. Do your research and make sure that you are in the right medium (and area!) for who you wish to target.
  3. What is your message? “I’m a dentist locally” – fine, but probably won’t speak to your audience and will deliver a poor response at best. If you are targeting over 50s who may benefit from an implant why not try for instance, “Fed up with an ill-fitting denture?”
  4. What is the medium? Research it thoroughly. Local radio, local magazines, papers, national press, T/V, and online can all deliver results but you have to know whether it will work for you in terms of investment, audience, delivering the message and time to return on investment.
  5. Creative. Whether in print, audio or visual, your practice needs to stand out and make people respond. If it looks like you did it in WordArt or CorelDraw it is unlikely to deliver the response you want!

Choose a media advisor wisely – we can help and so can a lot of other companies. Make sure that you are comfortable with whoever you work and have confidence in their abilities.